小编整理如下: equal to; is the same as =

the result is; yields; gives

2.the sum of x and y; the total of x and y;

x added to y; x increased by y; x+y

x more then y; x greater than y

3.x minus y; x less y;

the difference of x and y; x take away y;

from x subtract y x decreased by y; x-y

x diminished by y; y is subtracted from x;

y less than x (note the reversal)

4.x multiplied by y;

the product of x and y; xy

5. divided by y;

the quotient of x and y; x y,

y divided into x (note the reversal)

6.A and B are factors of C;

A and B are divisors of C;

C is divisible by A and by B; A B=C

C is a multiple of A and of B;

A divides C and B divides C;

7. the ratio of a to b a:b,

8. reciprocal of x

9. x times as many z as y; z=x y

10.a squared;

a to the second power a2

11. a cubed; a3

a to the third power

12. between a and b (a,b)

between a and b,inclusive [a,b]

13. off 低于,从……中扣除

14. account for 占

15. third

16. of x (a fraction of x); x,0.75x

75% of x (a percent of x)