就题材而言,ACT阅读材料分4类:小说(prose fiction)、社会科学(social sciences)、人文(humanities)、自然科学(natural sciences).其中,小说来自英美作家作品的节选.社会科学取材于人类学、考古学、传记、经济、教育、地理、历史、政治、心理学等.人文类文章多涉及建筑学、艺术、舞蹈、电影、文学评论、传记、音乐、随笔、哲学、电视等.自然科学类一般包括天文学、生物学、化学、地质学、医学、物理学等方面的内容.




原文: “The revisionist interpretation, which I support, does not enshrine dinosaurs as paragons of intellect, but it does maintain that they were not small brained after all. They had the “right-sized” brains for reptiles of their body size.”


题目:According to the passage, what is the revisionist interpretation concerning the relationship between intelligence and physical size?

A. Dinosaurs actually had relatively large brains.

B. Dinosaurs were paragons of intellect.

C. Dinosaurs were relatively small brained.

D. Dinosaurs’ brains were appropriately sized.



原文: “Government is so technical that even career civil servants cannot explain what is happening. In 1978 I attended a seminar on federal estate and gift tax, where the Internal Revenue Service lawyers responsible for this area frankly confessed that they did not understand the Tax Reform Act of 1976.”


题目:The author uses the description of the tax seminar in 1978 to make the point that some governmental issues are:

A. so technical that not even career civil servants can understand them.

B. so technical that only career civil servants can understand them.

C. more technical than they used to be before the passage of the Tax Reform Act.

D. too technical for anyone other than an Internal Revenue Service tax lawyer to understand.



原文:“The remarkable thing about dinosaurs is not that they became extinct, but that they dominated the earth for so long…”

“People, on this criterion, are scarcely worth mentioning—5 million years perhaps since Australopithecus, a mere 50, 000 for our own species, Homo sapiens…”



题目:In the context of the passage, what does the author mean when he states that “people … are scarcely worth mentioning” (lines 81-82)?

A. Compared to the complex social behavior of dinosaurs, human behavior seems simple.

B. Compared to the longevity of dinosaurs, humans have been on earth a very short time.

C. Compared to the size of dinosaurs, human seem incredibly small.

D. Compared to the amount of study done on dinosaurs, study of human behavior is severely lacking